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I AM THE RULER OF YOU. actually i'm not but it got your attention didn't it ^_^. i'm the creator of anime universe,zoids universe, and yugioh! universe. My name is Chris. I live in New York in the U.S.of A. i like to play video games, watch TV,play on the computer and err.... um... watch more TV ^_^. I like to watch anime a lotSome of my fav's are zoids and yugioh (obviously)Tenchi Muyo!,Cowboy Beebop, YuYuHakisho and MOn colle knights(that show is so stupid it's funny!) Anyway if you can't tell i'm a guy my fav. symbol is this ^_^ and I DON"T HAVE TIME TO UPDATE MY SITES! i wish i had more time. Anyway My e-mailas you should know is or my very old screen name which i rarely check and i HATE IT is is so old) but if u feel like being EVIL e-mail me at that one. my AIM screenname is zoidpilot0999and my MSN messenger s/n is ilikepie33. phew.Anyway thank you for reading this and coming to my site i really appriceate it. BYE!!!