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Episode Guide

                                             SEASON ONE-
1. The Boy From Planet ZI
   2. The Mysterious Fiona
   3. Memory
   4. The Protectors
   5. Sleeper Trap
   6. Jump! Zeke!
   7. The Battle of Red River
   8. The Road to the Republic
   9. The Valley of the Monster
  10. The Mountain of Dreams
  11. The Fog at Iselina
  12. The Black Organoid
  13. The Battle of the Cronos
  14. Wake Up! Zeke!
  15. Deploy the ZG
  16. Chaotic Century
  17. The Longest Night of the Republic
  18. The Defense of the City
  19. Prozen's Conspiracy
  20. The Resurrection Monster
  21. The Charged Particle Gun
  22. Farewell To a Friend
  23. The Imperial Ring
  24. A Voice From Afar
  25. The New Liger
  26. Memories of Zi
  27. The Savoiur
  28. Run, Wolf!
  29. Heroes of the Sky
  30. Moonbay's Waltz *
  31. The Three Guards
  32. The Doom Machine
  33. The Battle for Survival
  34. The Capital Ablaze
                                 SEASON 2- GUARDIAN FORCE
PLEASE NOTE! that the episodes below have NOT been aired on Cartoon Network. It just went back to the beginning after episode #63 leaving you there hanging! anyway i hope they air theses the next time around
   64. Zoid Eve