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van freiheit

NAME: van freiheit (odd last name ain't it by the way it's pronouced flyheight)
age: season 1 : 14  /   season 2 : 18
Van is a sensitive caring immature young boy who has odd hair ^_^. Van's FIRSTzoid was the Shield Liger, which after it was defeated, evolved into the Blade Liger. One day Van stumbled into some old ruins discovering his organoid Zeke and inside Zeke was a mysterious girl, an ancient zoidian named Fiona.Van along with Fiona, Zeke, Irvine, and Moonbay set off on a wild trip to get emperor Rudolph^_^(sorry anytime i say that it makes me laugh. I mean c'mon emporer Rudolph HAHAHA XD sorry) back to the capital of the Imperial empire.(read more in story section when i feel like typing itXD)
In season 2 Van is much more mature and joins the Guardian force to protect the people of Planet Zi from renewed conflict since the war between the Imperial empire and the republic of planet Zi.


more pics soon!